The Sound of Plazebo

from the heart of Michael Zheludev

Welcome to the official website for all of my content. I aim to make music I can be proud of, music with meaning that can make a difference or teach somebody something. Here, you'll find that music, as well as my blog, videos, and anything else I'm working on. I hope you find something you can enjoy.


Michael Zheludev
a.k.a "Plazebo"

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Originally born in New York, I moved to Switzerland at the age of nine. I've been making music here since early 2016.  Always having been a fan of spoken word, I tried to find my own way of mixing in hip hop and getting my message across.


Since then, I released one EP (The Mitchtape), four singles, and my debut album, "Blasphemy".  As I slowly build a following in my home country of Switzerland, my music improves, my drive increases, and I learn more and more about my art, my fans, and myself.


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